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Orlando Day 6 : Seaworld

On the very last day of my Orlando vacation, we decided to visit Seaworld . But before we could head off to Seaworld, I had to make a trip to Disney's lost & found near Magic Kingdom. I had lost my phone at Hollywood Studios which was very devastating because my wallet just got stolen recently and I definitely did not want to spend another few hundred dollars replacing the phone. But luckily someone picked it up and returned it to the lost and found for me. I think in Toronto, if I ever lose my phone it would most likely never be seen again, so although my bejeweled phone case is slightly chipped, I'm very thankful to be able to retrieve it.

Starting the day right with a healthy omelet breakfast at my resort.

If anyone's ever been to a chicken farm and can recall their distinct smell, flamingoes give off the exact same odour .


They are supposed to be highly abundant in Florida and there's pretty much at least one residing in every pond.

This is a sea lion show called Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island
(unfortunately it was not very well-rehearsed and there was a lot of glitches and overall not very enjoyable )

Dolphin Cove

You can view them from above water or underwater. You can also feed the dolphins during designated feeding times for a very reasonable fee but the line-up was very long.

Seahorse at Manta Aquarium

Very plant-like but also a seahorse !!

cute little shrimp


I swear in every aquarium I've visited there's a completely immobile shark idling at the bottom of a tank just like this one

One of my favourite pictures of the trip

Sea lion chillaxing at Pacific Point Reserve

Awwww so sweet

Shamu brownie sundae

One Ocean show
Seeing Shamu was the highlight of the day. The stadium was large but the seats filled up very fast non the less so do arrive early. 

Overall Seaworld was not overcrowded and I especially loved the adorable dolphins and killer whales. However, a few exhibits were closed, the shows were a bit cheesy. I think I preferred the Disney parks a bit more. After Seaworld, we went to Orlando Premium Outlets for some shopping. I got a new wallet ( to replace my old one which was stolen ) and a pair of shoes for work.

And that concludes all my blog posts on my Orlando vacation. I had the time of my life and looking at the pictures, I can't help but to wish I can go back. Lastly, if anyone is interested in visiting Orlando, I recommend a book called "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". A new edition is published every year and I was able to obtain a lot of useful tips from it .

Orlando Day 5 : Walt Disney World Epcot Part II

Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot
In addition to the Flower & Garden Festival, I loved the highly innovative rides at Epcot. My absolute favourite was Soarin, a simulated gliding flight over the most magnificent landscapes in State of California. It really feels like flying and it is a ride that people of all ages are able to fully enjoy .

beautiful garden

Bambi's Butterfly House
part of Flower & Garden Festival

Bambi's Butterfly House

Cuttlefish at The Sea Base and Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot


Duffy the Disney Bear He's the cutest, awesomest Disney character ever!!
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Cute Easter stuff at Japan Pavillion Mitsukoshi department store . They have tons of adorable goods imported from Japan, such as Hello Kitty goods, Totoro plush, kokeshi dolls, manga poster cards, floral wallets / make-up pouches, kimonos etc. I spent at least an hour in there wishing I could buy them all. There is also an authentic Japanese restaurant at the Pavillion called Teppan Edo which has pretty rave reviews. Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Sexy Hawaiian Hello Kitty & Florida license plate Hello Kitty which I could not resist but to take home with me . I also got a cute Hello Kitty key cap  ( I almost want to start a personal Hello Kitty collection now). If you live in a Disney resort, they will deliver your purchase to your hotel so you won't have to carry it with you all day. Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Kaki Gori at Japan Pavillion

Marie from the Aristocats


Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot
Lastly we had dinner at Les Chefs de France, an elegant, highly rated restaurant in France Pavillion. The food was great, the service was excellent, and the decor was lovely. I accidentally knocked down a full glass of milk which spread all over my table and even to the table next to us, but everyone was very helpful and non-condemning which made it slightly less embarrassing . And thank goodness it did not spill on our cameras.

onion soup
was ok

lobster bisque

This was delicious. I am probably highly uneducated in Frech cuisine but this pasta tasted a lot like the Chinese noodle that I often eat at home...


Bon Appétit from Chef Remy
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Strawberry dessert
The colour in this picture looks a bit weird for some reason... but this was excellent. The strawberry cake wash rich and creamy and the sorbet was very refreshing.

Creme brulee
I don't order creme brulee much because I find the taste is very "preditable". But this was delicious! The portion was big for dessert but we still wished it was bigger .

Spaceship Earth Pavilion
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Orlando Day 5 : Walt Disney World Epcot Part I

On day 5 we went to Epcot, a theme park that celebrates international cultures and technological innovation. The park features pavillions representing various countries in an effort to showcase the essence of their cultures, which was fascinating to see. Overall I had a fantastic time at Epcot and it was one of my favourite parks of the trip . Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot
We luckily caught the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, a springtime-only festival that features displays of dazzling Disney character topiaries and beautiful botanical gardens. I am super excited to present to you photos of some of the amazing character topiaries . Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Mickey and Minnie

Donald and Daisy

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the gator


Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast

Bambi and friends

Lady and the Tramp in front of Italy Pavillion
I loved this one

The Seven Dwarfs
There is actually 7 of them plus Snow White but they won't all fit in 1 picture...

Lightning Mcqeen and Mater in front of the Japan Pavillion

Fire-breathing dragon in front of China Pavillion
Not a Disney character I think, but definitely one fierce dragon

Woody and Buzz

Last but not least, Lotso
Very adorable but did not smell like strawberries

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this year is open from March 7th to May 20th. Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Orlando Day 4 : Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Sorry I've been MIA again ... was a bit busy.
Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios
On day 4 we went to Hollywood Studios. I would say it might have been my least favourite Disney park. It was extremely busy on the day we went and I wasn't crazy about of some of their signature attractions, such as Lights, Motors, Action, Beauty and the Beast , and Indiana Jones. Plus I was not feeling the "Hollywood movie set" theme. I also spent a great amount of time lining up for The Great Movie Ride, and just when I finally got on, the ride failed to start and had to close down temporarily for reparation. I went back in a few hours and lined up all over again which took up a lot of my time . However, I loved the Star Tours ride, a thrilling 3-D flight with Star Wars characters. I also thought Fantasmic!, the nighttime firework and water show was outstanding.
Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

You have no idea how hard it was to take this picture without people in the foreground

Ran into Darth Vader
Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
I was too chicken to go on this ... maybe next time

Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios
We had a delicious lunch at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano. We've been to quite a few awesome restaurants in Disney World, but I would say in terms of taste, Mama Melrose's is the winner. The service was slow, but the food was divine!!! I definitely highly, highly recomend it  

Clam Oreganata
was delicious, of course

Wood-grilled Tuna
This was amazing. The Tuna was very fresh and the risotto was perfect

Charred Strip Steak
was excellent

I was already stuffed by this point but the dessert was so tempting . I don't remember what kind of cake these were but they were perfect as well. Everything was so good Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios


Winnie the Pooh

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Lightning Mcqueen and Mater
Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Wizard of Oz from the Great Movie Ride

Little Mermaid
She's my favourite Disney Princess because her story is not about going from ragged to wealthy, but rather from sheltered to independent.
Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

The huge crowd waiting for Fantasmic! to start

It's hard to convey by words or graphic how amazing the show was. Many different elements such as water, fire, light, and fireworks are harmonized with the background music to create a very holistic experience. I have not seen anything like it anywhere else.

Sorcerer Mickey Hat Orlando Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

like my hat?

Simple dinner at our resort's foodcourt: beef sandwitch, chips, and grapes

Orlando Day 3: Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

After Discovery Cove, we went to Magic Kingdom to complete some rides we missed on Day 1, such as Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. The wait times were much shorter in the evening which was a big relief. Then we had an interesting dinner at Cinderella's Round Table, the restaurant inside Cinderella's Castle. Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

The castle was beautiful inside

Got my picture taken with Cinderella. I have to say it was a highly awkward experience. First of all, most of the guests accompanied little girls who idolize Cinderella. It was rare to see young adults and I felt like I didn't fit in with the atmosphere nor belonged to the predominant demographic . Second of all, Cinderella looked gorgeous from head to toe and her every gesture was well-practiced and very princess-like. She literally looked like a classic royalty who just walked out of a movie. I felt like such an ugly duckling in comparison lol. Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Cinderella telling stories  Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
This is what I mean when I say the guests are mostly little girls

Shrimp cocktail


View from my table

Seafood pasta
This was so excessively salty it gave me a headache

Dessert trio
I can't rave about the food here since although it was edible, it was very mediocre and overpriced. But you do get to take pictures with Cinderella at the entrance, and while dining, Snow White, Belle, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty will greet each table and allow for pictures. Plus, the privilege of entering and dining in the castle is a strong selling point. I just think I would've enjoyed the experience more if I was ... um... 15-20 years younger  .
P.S. Reservation is required months in advance (we waited for 45 minutes even with a reservation )

Tinker Bell   Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Orlando Day 3 : Discovery Cove part II
In addition to the free-flight aviary, the Discovery Cove package also includes swimming along a scenic river, snorkeling, and a 30-minute dolphin swim experience.

Me attempting to swim and failing

Don't know what these fish are called, but hundreds of them always swim together in a tight pack.

I like to sneak between them and disturb their orientation

But they always manage to reorganize themselves very quickly . This is probably some kind of innate taxis behaviour endowed by nature 

huge stingray
Lots of stingrays there, I even stepped on one by accident


This is what the dolphin interaction entails : a small group of guests go in to shallow water and meet a dolphin. The dolphins are very friendly and well- trained. They will wave, jump, squeak, and allow you to give them a back rub etc. Unfortunately photography is not allowed, but staff will be there to take photos and videos which will become available for purchase at the end of the interaction (I spent an extra $150 just for the photos ).

So cuteeee

Yay I kissed a dolphin

swimming with the dolphin (well... it's more like me grabbing on to her dorsal fin and getting towed by her)

Overall I had a fantastic time at Discovery Cove. I find the price tag a bit steep for the one-day package, but I think many would agree that the experience was worth the splurge.
Orlando Day 3 : Discovery Cove Part I

Sigh I hate myself for not posting these pictures faster!! I always end up taking excessive pictures while on vacation and not want to post them afterwards.

Anyways, I had the time of my life on day 3 of my vacation  . I initially thought I was going to Seaworld, but as a surprise, I ended up spending the day at Discovery Cove  I had a fantastic experience at this beautiful resort interacting with exotic birds, fish, and dolphins .

This place is reminiscent of the Mexican resort I visited in 2010. Unlike the Disney theme parks, the atmosphere was much more relaxing and adult-oriented.

Yummy breakfast and lunch was included in the package

Me enjoying my breakfast in my wetsuit hehe 

After breakfast I went to the Explorer's Aviary for some bird-feeding.

I'm in full swimming gear because initially I thought you could only get to the aviary by swimming. How cool is my yellow life jacket ?? haha. This was taken with the waterproof camera that we brought along. Later on we found a walking route and went again with my Sony camera. The birds here are not shy at all and they will perch on your hand in order to get fed.

He wants some food...

small dear, it was her first day at Discovery Cove and she was very shy

This one loves to land on top of people

Dolphin and snorkeling pictures from Discovery Cove are coming up next 

Orlando Day 2 : Walt Disney World Downtown Disney, Ohana

After Animal Kingdom, we went to Downtown Disney Market Place for some souvenir-shopping. There are tons of vibrant shops and restaurants here and I loved it just as much as the theme parks. There are 2 prominent collection craze at Disney World : pins and vinyl figures, and you can find them in limitless variety at Downtown Disney. There is also a costume store called Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, where kids can get adorable professional princess or knight makeovers . I am sooo gonna take my kid there one day

This was at the Disney Pin Trader's store. I was very tempted to start a collection myself.

This is another very well-known store: the LEGO Imagination Center.


Afterwards we went to Ohana, a Polynesian restaurant in Disney's Polynesian resort. The atmosphere was very family oriented and true to the island theme, while the lake view added a touch of romance. I just have one thing to complain about : the portion of food was huge. I ended up leaving a lot of it which made me feel terrible .

Dumplings and chicken wings
It's hard to tell by the picture but this was just a side dish and the plate was huge. Plus there was salad and pasta. I didn't even get to try the chicken wings cause there was way too much food.

skewers of roasted chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp, was very fresh and delicious

I don't remember what this was called, but it was the best dessert I've had in a long time It was so rich and flavourful I couldn't stop eating it even though I was already stuffed. I ate way too much that night

Orlando Day 2 : Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

I was very busy and distracted by... life's complications last week so didn't have time to post more pictures . Excuses aside, I am back to share more about my awesome Disney vacation in Orlando.

View from our hotel : HUGE Mickey statue

On day 2, we went to Animal Kingdom, which I absolutely LOVED . Unlike Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom was not overly crowded on the day and the wait times were very short. The day went velvet smooth and I finished much of everything I wanted to do before 7 PM

Tree of life, the proud icon of Animal Kingdom

The tree of life is engineered to look like a real, living tree and it has intricate carvings of nearly 400 animals. Beneath the tree is is a theatre which currently plays a cute 3D movie called "It's Tough to be a Bug".


Daisy and ... I dont know what the little ones are called

This is Camp Minnie-Mickey, a character meet and greet trail, which I loved (I guess I'm still a child at heart). Timing is essential since it is available only during certain periods of the day, and lining up is required for each character which can be time-consuming. Also, since the trail is right beside the Lion King theatre, the lines tend to be much longer right after the show when people cleared out of the theatre. I suggest you do this first thing in the morning if interested.


No idea what movie they are from, but their fluffy white tails are soooo cute

Festival of Lion King, a show featuring pitch-perfect live singing, high-energy dancing, and gymnastics.

Pluto signing an autograph

Triceratop Spin

cute meerkats at Maharajah Jungle Trek

A bat!!

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
was alright, I liked the parade at Magic Kingdom better

Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition, a highly popular attraction that takes you through a real wildlife reserve chasing down poachers. A must-see IMO.

I also loved Kali River Rapids, a thrilling raft ride that includes rushing down a water fall (you will get soaking we but it's so much fun ), and DINOSAUR, which allows you to experience what it was like millions of years ago when dinos dominated the earth.

I found a cute Duffy hat

Orlando Day 1 : Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Part II
This is part II of of my time in Magic Kingdom   


I got a pineapple ice float at Aloha Isle  was yummy
 Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

singing and dancing show featuring the Disney Princesses
 Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

At 8PM all the lights in Magic Kingdom are dimmed in preparation for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, a heart-warming firework show that makes you feel like your wishes in life will come true. People gather in front of the castle in advance to get a good view, although I think the show is visible even from far away.  Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

The castle is transformed by a projection show before starting Wishes


It was the most beautiful firework show I've ever seen, especially since it's synced with the background music and has a meaningful theme. It moved me so much I actually made a wish there   Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
 Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Then I had dinner at Chef Mickey's, a buffet character dining restaurant.

The food was delicious

The service here was amazing. There are 5 characters at Chef Mickey's: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. They will come to your table one at a time to allow you to take pictures and interact with them. No, I'm not too old for this .   Orlando Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Micky is so adorable

I love this picture. This is Mickey taking a break, pretending to be drinking from a mug and Goofy laughting at him. And Donald staring into space...

I didn't finish everything I wanted to do at Magic Kingdom on Day 1 but I did have some extra time later on to come back. More pictures coming up
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