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LA & Vegas trip Day 7: Hollywood Hills, LA Science Center, Little Tokyo
3000 Canyon Lake Drive, Hollywood
A bit of a tough drive up a narrow, winding hill, but this is one of the best spots to take pictures with the Hollywood sign 


We then went to the California Science Center to see Space Shuttle Endeavor, a retired NASA orbiter space shuttle. We learned lots about life as an astronaut in space, including the inconvenience of having to aim inside a tube when going to the bathroom...

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Anemone at California Science Center 

Next we went to Little Tokyo for authentic Japanese food and shopping. We also look took cute purikura/ sticker pictures.

Unagi Don


Limited edition tea at the grocery store. I saw lots of great, unique Japanese snacks. Wish I could buy them all. 

Lovely baby store at Little Tokyo 

LA & Vegas trip Day 6: The Strip, Las Vegas
On day 6, we stayed in Las Vegas and walk around the strip. We did a little gambling and ate a huge buffet lunch at Bacchanal 



Caesars Palace 

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace
Love these fish 

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

LA & Vegas trip Day 5: Grand Canyon
We drove from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon on day 5. I absolutely loved the 4-hour drive there. We saw amazing scenery along the way and ran into a very cool gas station. 

Uranus Gas 
We simply were low on gas and wanted to fill up but this alien-themed gas station became a very memorable spot of the trip. 

These cars reminded me of Mater from Cars

Grand Canyon! 
There are North and South Rims with many designated view points along each rim. We drove along the South Rim and stopped at each point which took us about 4 hours from early afternoon until sunset. Sunset at the Grand Canyon gave everything an amazing orange glow and it took our breaths away; however it gets dark and cold very quickly once the sun goes down. There is no light on the road and especially if you are hiking definitely keep that in mind and get to a shelter before it becomes pitch dark. 


Hopi point 

Excuse my paleness 
One thing I frequently do when traveling to save time is eating and doing my make-up in the car while heading to the next destination. Except this day I failed to take my make-up bag with me... All of my pictures were pale-looking and make-up free lol. 
LA & Vegas trip Day 4: Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Vegas!
Sorry for my prolonged absence! I will try to continue uploading photos from my trips when I have time... 
On Day 4, we went to Costco and got some cheap multivitamins and snacks. And then we drove from LA to Las Vegas, which was a very scenic, relaxing drive ( sometimes through the middle of nowhere with nothing but tumbleweed). After dropping our luggage off at the hotel in Vegas, we drove to Boulder City and Hoover Dam. It was a lot of driving around but I highly enjoyed it.

Las Vegas sign! 

Love pink cars ハート. The owner seems to be the Elvis impersonater sitting in the car. 

Cool bike at Treasure Island on The Strip in Las Vegas

Hoover Dam

Caesars Palace

The Forum Shops 


Bellagio Fountain 
The water dances to the music every 15 minutes.
LA & Vegas trip Day 3 : Disneyland & Disney California Adventure

I've been super busy... Here are some pictures from Disney...

Dumped into Mickey first thing in the morning kyu ミッキー


New attraction: Cars Land! 

Waited super long for this ride 

At night before the water show starts 

Very hungry after Disney 

LA & Vegas trip Day 2 : Los Angeles Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory

On day 2 in LA we first headed to Hollywood!

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Took pictures with Captain Jack Sparrow

Phony Mickey and Minnie...

Marilyn Monroe wax statue

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Handprints and footprints of Twilight actors at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Handprints and footprints of Harry Potter actors at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Harry Potter portrait, made from jelly beans!

Hollywood sign

Griffith Observatory

View of LA from Griffith Observatory

We spotted this flashy car parked on Rodeo Drive at Beverly Hills. It is said to be worth almost half a million.

The Grove at Farmer's Market

LA & Vegas trip Day 1 : Los Angeles, The Getty Center

I am back from my awesome trip to LA and Vegas  ! I had a very relaxing, fun-filled 8-day vacation  . On day 1 after landing and renting a car, we made a visit to The Getty Center. I first learned about The Getty from a book called "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" and I wanted to make a visit ever since. It's a beautiful museum that houses pre-20th-century art, and it's also known for offering an amazing view of the city of Los Angeles.

Cacti from the garden at The Getty

I really like those cacti

View of city of LA
Seems like the museum is situated on top of a hill.

Woman in Blue Reading a Letter by Johannes Vermeer
This painting will be displayed at the Getty until March 31.

Irises by Vincent van Gogh

Sunrise by Claude Monet

Cute fawn grazing on a hill near The Getty

I must mention that the traffic was terrible that day. It was a Sunday afternoon when we went and the traffic on the highway was nearly stationary . LA traffic is definitely way worse than Toronto.

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