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Beginners and Wandering Home

Beginners was a movie about being who you truly are while time remains. How unfortunate it is to be on your deathbed and realize you didn't live the life you wanted. They say people who's experienced a near-death situation often become awakened about the meaning of their lives and end up living more purposefully and fulfilling their dreams. I wish people would not require such an experience to understand that life is short and unpredictable, but I guess this is easier said than done. Will I end up working at a job that I am not passionate about for the rest of my life? Or become married to someone I don't truly love? How much time do I have anyway? I can only wonder.

Sigh this trailer does not do justice for the movie. I saw " Wandering home / 酔いがさめたら、うちに帰ろう " at the third annual Shinsedai Film Festival. It was about an alcoholic who is well into the end stage of his addiction attempting to recover. I find the characters in the movie very likable which made it easy to empathize with their troubles. The movie was full of humour plus a moving ending. One of my personal favourites out of all movies I've seen this year.
scene from 2046

Love this scene. How did Ziyi Zhang go from the meek little servant in Hero to THIS ???
And no, he did not leave after she slapped him.

You have no idea how strongly this commercial resonated with me after a draining 12-hour shift at the pharmacy. I'd love to chill by the beach or trek through the woods. I wonder if California is in need of Canadian-trained pharmacists...
TIFF 2010!!!
The 35th Toronto International Film Festival takes place on Sept 9th –19th. Choosing what to see out of 300 films is a yearly kid-in-candy-store experience for me. Here are 3 films that I have my eyes on, based solely on personal preference  

Never Let Me Go
An adaptation of the mind-blowing novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. You can't go wrong with this one.
TIFF link here

Daydream Nation
It's Canadian and it seems "intense" based on the trailer. The leading actress reminds me of Roxy from The City.
TIFF link here

Norwegian Wood / ノルウェイの森
Need I say that this film is based on a novel by popular Japanese writer Haruki Murakami? Luckily, Torontonians get a chance to see this much-anticipated film at TIFF 3 months earlier than fans in Japan. I got my ticket for the Tue screening
TIFF link here

I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple more Japanese films at the festival, but the choices are rather limited and some seem too violent, E.g. 13 Assassins/十三人の刺客, Confessions/告白, Cold Fish/冷たい熱帯魚( ok to be fair, I don't know if this one is violent since it is very new and the trailer has yet to be released, but the director's previous work, "Love Exposure", was HORRIFIC, and was the very film that caused my current aversion towards violence in films ). However, I am happy with the overall lineup this year. With so many films to choose, there's got to be something for everyone
Kakera: A Piece of Our Life (カケラ)

I saw "Kakera: A Piece of Our Lives" at the second annual Shinsedai Film Festival in Toronto. It was a beautiful film about an indecisive, dependent girl named Haru, who meets Riko, an unreserved lesbian who falls in love with her. The film touches on finding love, finding yourself, and finding the pieces to fill that painful void in your heart. All quite relatable. The director, Momoko Ando, made an appearance to the screening. She mentioned that a large portion of the budget for the movie is her inheritance following the death of her grandmother, and that she had an ex-boyfriend who shoots pigeons in the morning with carved wooden guns, as in the movie. How charming.

Shinsedai Film Festival screens off-mainstream movies by up-and-coming Japanese directors. I attended the festival last year and saw a collection of esoteric short-films titled "Vortex" by director Yoshihiro Ito. I personally liked "Kakera" much better, and I look forward to seeing more weird films in their third annual festival next year.

P.S. Girls, "The moon is full only once a month. Other days it is fragmented. But, the crescent moon is also beautiful."

P.P.S. キンタマついてりゃえらいのか indeed!

Shinsedai Film Festival website
Up in the Air

"Make no mistake, moving is living."
Or is it? Commitment versus the opposite is a fine balance, and many move back and forth between the two. My interpretation of the movie is that different people are suited for different kinds of relationships, though that may be changed as certain people appear in their lives.

And what a great actor Clooney is. He reminded me of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.
I'm a little sick of movies, but this one was pretty good
Went to see Precious with Jasmine and Yunjie.

It was a great movie about having strength and being able to love yourself. Based on a true story.
This Is It

"看3:20的吧,早看完早回家写作业"was my Saturday ...

I went to see the Michael Jackson's "This Is It" today. I think it was the best movie I've seen since Milk. It's ironic that he's been more "alive" in the past couple of months than he has been in a long while. The movie does a great job portraying his unmatched talent and professionalism. Additionally, it shows that he has a humble and giving character. You can't count how many times he says "God bless you" and "I love you" to the staff. The music and dancing was great as expected, but I also feel like I got to know the King in a whole new light.

The artistic legacy you have left will never die.


I saw this commercial on TV this morning and I've been addicted to it since. These squares are just so darn cute


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