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a few more photos from NYC

I am recycling some of my pictures from NYC, because I'm extremely bored. There is a huge bubble of poisonous boredom in my loins and it could burst and unleash its lethal toxicity at any time. I exaggerate not. I'm spending the night listening to Mozart, no kidding (while purposely avoiding Requiem... it might end me), and editing pictures. Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all...

Rockefeller Center

Little Italy

near Penn Station

near Madison Square Garden

Brooklyn Bridge

Last stop of my trip to NY: Brooklyn Bridge, a steel-wire suspension bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Coney Island & Brighton Beach

Across the NY Aquarium was Brighton Beach. In short, it was the best public beach I've ever been (much better than the ones in Toronto IMO), and only about 40 minutes from Manhattan by subway.

Beside the beach was a nice boardwalk with a lot of snack/ fastfood vendors.

also an amusement park very close by, which should look familiar to anyone who's seen the movie "Uptown Girls"

my current wallpaper

New York Aquarium
Since I'm a big fan of aquatic life, I try to visit the local aquarium when I travel. The New York Aquarium was my favourite attraction during my week-long visit.  The aquarium is easily accesible by subway, which was another plus for me.

Giant pacific octopus, a.k.a. tako when eaten as sashimi or sushi, has 8 tasty arms  I love this stuff

clown fish
it seems a little sad though

so pigmented

jelly fish

sea horses

sea otter
On a completely random note, anyone seen the heart-melting video of 2 sea otters holding hands on Youtube? Jasmine's professor took that video appearantly...

sea lion show,
super entertaining, I fell in love with the shiny friendly fella  

New York Aquarium website
St. Patrick's Cathedral


St. Patrick's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral facing Rockefellar Centre. It is the largest decorated gothic-style Catholic church in the U.S.

View of the cathedral from Top of the Rock Observation Deck.
Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock Observation Deck allows for a panoramic view of New York City from the top floor of the GE building in Manhattan ( located at 30 Rockefellar Plaza ).

The cross-shaped building o the bottom left is St. Patrick's Cathedral

The large patch of green in the middle is Central Park.

The tall, pointy building to the upper right is the Empire State Building, which should be easily recognizable, especially if you've seen King Kong . You can also go up the Empire State Building for a view of NYC, which is taller, but since you can't see the building from its own observation deck, I consider the view from the GE building superior.

Aside, the elevator in the GE building is super impressive. It takes you up 60 something levels in what feels like a minute. Plus, the elevator ceiling is transparent, so you can see it being lifted. Fun.

Rockefeller Plaza/ Rockefeller Center

pretty hydrangeas

by Paul Manship, the most famous sculptor in America at the time

Rockefellar Plaza is part of Rockefellar Center, which consists of 19 commercial buildings in Manhattan. There are about 200 flagpoles circling the plaza. The flags they carry vary by season, and at the time of my visit, it was flags of UN member countries (but notice how the American flag is a bit higher than the rest). During U.S. holidays, every flagpole carry the American Flag. The plaza contains a large number of art pieces and sculptures. Overall, a nice place to relax and let the American culture simmer.

Chinatown & Little Italy

I was hoping that the Chinatown in New York would be prettier than the Chinatown in Toronto, but I soon realized it wasn't. A lot of buildings were rather run-down,and everything seemed to be covered with a coat of blackish dirt/ oil stain/ smoke stain/ whatever. Although this was not the place for sight-seeing in my opinion, it's definitely the destination for cheap buses to the casinos (such as the ones in Atlantic City) and yummy Chinese food. If you cared to save a few dollars, restaurants on the smaller streets are usually cheaper than the ones on the main street, and that has more to do with the cost of rent rather than the quality of the food.

Manhattan Bridge, can be seen if you walk to one end of Chinatown. I

Right beside Chinatown was Little Italy.

had lunch at this cute Italian restaurant called Vincent's.

Wall Street/ New York Financial District

Wall Street, home of the New York Stock Exchange, a breeding ground of captalist swines, where greed perpetuates and other values are lost among the ever-fluctuating stock quotes. Ok ok ... too melodramatic.

The Charging Bull bronze sculpture, signifying "financial prosperity" 
There were about a dozen of tourists crowded around it. I didn't get a chance take a picture of  the bull by itself, and so now you are forced to look at a picture of me with the bull.

The Wall Street Journal, in a street corner Starbucks.


Cute car , possibly the most eye-catching ride I've ever seen.

Other landmarks in proximity include Federal Hall and Trinity Church.

Grand Central Terminal
To the locals, Grand Central is perhaps only a subway station. I, on the other hand, longed to pay a visit to this architectual beauty. The Main Concourse, which is the spacious central hall of the terminal, was filled with bustling crowds from morning to night.

On the ceiling is a painting of the constellations in the sky.

The 100 years old info booth.

A wedding photoshoot. I was in a rush and had no time to take a decent photo. Now I wish I had stalked them some more... could've got a really cute picture out of this. Sigh.  

No I'm not a creeper.
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