from Toronto, Canada

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Chinatown & Little Italy

I was hoping that the Chinatown in New York would be prettier than the Chinatown in Toronto, but I soon realized it wasn't. A lot of buildings were rather run-down,and everything seemed to be covered with a coat of blackish dirt/ oil stain/ smoke stain/ whatever. Although this was not the place for sight-seeing in my opinion, it's definitely the destination for cheap buses to the casinos (such as the ones in Atlantic City) and yummy Chinese food. If you cared to save a few dollars, restaurants on the smaller streets are usually cheaper than the ones on the main street, and that has more to do with the cost of rent rather than the quality of the food.

Manhattan Bridge, can be seen if you walk to one end of Chinatown. I

Right beside Chinatown was Little Italy.

had lunch at this cute Italian restaurant called Vincent's.

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