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Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock Observation Deck allows for a panoramic view of New York City from the top floor of the GE building in Manhattan ( located at 30 Rockefellar Plaza ).

The cross-shaped building o the bottom left is St. Patrick's Cathedral

The large patch of green in the middle is Central Park.

The tall, pointy building to the upper right is the Empire State Building, which should be easily recognizable, especially if you've seen King Kong . You can also go up the Empire State Building for a view of NYC, which is taller, but since you can't see the building from its own observation deck, I consider the view from the GE building superior.

Aside, the elevator in the GE building is super impressive. It takes you up 60 something levels in what feels like a minute. Plus, the elevator ceiling is transparent, so you can see it being lifted. Fun.

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