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Kakera: A Piece of Our Life (カケラ)

I saw "Kakera: A Piece of Our Lives" at the second annual Shinsedai Film Festival in Toronto. It was a beautiful film about an indecisive, dependent girl named Haru, who meets Riko, an unreserved lesbian who falls in love with her. The film touches on finding love, finding yourself, and finding the pieces to fill that painful void in your heart. All quite relatable. The director, Momoko Ando, made an appearance to the screening. She mentioned that a large portion of the budget for the movie is her inheritance following the death of her grandmother, and that she had an ex-boyfriend who shoots pigeons in the morning with carved wooden guns, as in the movie. How charming.

Shinsedai Film Festival screens off-mainstream movies by up-and-coming Japanese directors. I attended the festival last year and saw a collection of esoteric short-films titled "Vortex" by director Yoshihiro Ito. I personally liked "Kakera" much better, and I look forward to seeing more weird films in their third annual festival next year.

P.S. Girls, "The moon is full only once a month. Other days it is fragmented. But, the crescent moon is also beautiful."

P.P.S. キンタマついてりゃえらいのか indeed!

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