from Toronto, Canada

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Go For Tea, Le Cafe Michi
I haven't been doing much except for eating lately   I finally went to Go For Tea's second location in Scarborough a few blocks down the street from my house. I didn't expect the food to taste any good because I figured these bubble tea places prioritize hiring good-looking waitreses over real chefs capable of cooking. The waitresses here are indeed good-looking, and surprisingly the food was edible. I wouldn't mind if they were to hire some waiters though...

pina colada cheese cake
this was actually really good, I wanted to order a second piece

After watching Inception, I dropped by Le Cafe Michi for dinner. It is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in Scarborough, serving divinely fresh raw fish and amazing desserts. If you are a first time visitor, I strongly suggest you try either the chirashi or sashimi, which are the best I've had in Scarborough (don't even bother with the noodles or curry rice etc ).

a seaweed salad for appetizer, was not bad

Cafe Au Lait Chirashi
egg and unagi (eel) hidden underneath, delicious

custard pudding, yummm
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