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Mexico Riviera Maya ( Mayan Riviera) day 5

On Day 5, we ventured into a different part of Mexico
The resort organizes a variety of excursions/tours, such as swimming with the dolphins, adventure in the Mexican jungles, snorkling etc. The most popular of all is, of course, the Chichen Itza tour. The tours are not part of the resort package so an extra fee is required (although not cheap, not crazy expensive either). Unfortunately as with most bus tours, I felt that it was too rushed and a lot of time was spent on the bus traveling to and back from our destination. Overall, I'd still say money well spent. Afterall, how could one come to Mayan Riviera and not pay a visit to the Mayan pyramids

Sinkhole, a.k.a. Sacret Cenote at Chichen Itza
Basically a large, naturally formed hole filled with a pool of water . You can dive and swim here but you must not be wearing any chemical (such as sunscreen) that may contaminate the water.

Chichen Itza!!
This is a pyramid built by the Mayan civilization. According to our tour guide, it is "pregnant" with another smaller pyramid inside.

If you are particularly interested in Mayan culture (and you have an extra $2000 burning a hole in your wallet ), there's a nice tour package by Gap Adventures:

La Iglesia

sigh you girls are so tall I look short

The "plates" are Mayan calendars.
There are A LOT of souvenir vendors in the area competing for your Canadian / US dollars. Good bargaining skills will serve you well.

Skulls represent good luck in Mexican culture

Tequila with our picture on it.



Hispanic dance show at the resort

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