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Beginners and Wandering Home

Beginners was a movie about being who you truly are while time remains. How unfortunate it is to be on your deathbed and realize you didn't live the life you wanted. They say people who's experienced a near-death situation often become awakened about the meaning of their lives and end up living more purposefully and fulfilling their dreams. I wish people would not require such an experience to understand that life is short and unpredictable, but I guess this is easier said than done. Will I end up working at a job that I am not passionate about for the rest of my life? Or become married to someone I don't truly love? How much time do I have anyway? I can only wonder.

Sigh this trailer does not do justice for the movie. I saw " Wandering home / 酔いがさめたら、うちに帰ろう " at the third annual Shinsedai Film Festival. It was about an alcoholic who is well into the end stage of his addiction attempting to recover. I find the characters in the movie very likable which made it easy to empathize with their troubles. The movie was full of humour plus a moving ending. One of my personal favourites out of all movies I've seen this year.
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