from Toronto, Canada

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Montreal 2011 Day 1

I went to Montreal for 3 days during the long weekend. It was my third time (?) in Montreal but the first time I got to stay for a couple of days and have a good tour of the city. The four-hour drive was not fun (although I was the passenger not the driver ) but overall the trip was super nice

We got up at 10:30ish looking for food, and no where was open nearby at 10:30 !! Eventually we found this shawarma place and got a hearty brunch. I think restaurants here open and close late.

Then we climbed Mont Royal. Was nice but tiring... and I was not wearing the right shoes for it

Mont Royal from the top! We found out later on that there's a bus that takes you to the top in like 5 minutes ...

Next top was Jean Talon Market, a farmers market where you can buy produce or freshly made snacks

I got tiramisu icecream

And strawberry sorbet  

Notre-Dame Basilica

Inside Notre-Dame Basilica
Not admitting I took this picture, because photography is not allowed inside. So maybe I stole this picture off of the internet

Near Notre-Dame basiclica, lots of carriage rides

Old port of Montreal
was right beside the Science Centre

Dinner time
we went to Chez Suzette Crepes & Fondues at Old Montreal and had fondue

The melon was so good

Old Montreal
Was beautiful, made for a great night-time walk

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