from Toronto, Canada

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Montreal 2011 Day 3

Last day of my trip. It was a civic holiday Monday and a lot of places were closed, including malls and museums. Thankfully, we managed to find a few places to visit among what remained open.  

Chateau Versailles
The hotel I stayed at. Really cute decor and friendly staff

St Joseph's Oratory
It started to rain a lot

view from the oratory

Chapel near the oratory

Marche Atwater / Atwater Market
One of the few businesses that remained open. I got some very cute macarons for my co-workers here

We had a late lunch at La Banquise, a restaurant known for poutines. Had to line up with other hungry tourists for half an hour.

Elvis poutine

Hot dog poutine
So good and so filling. We ate too much and felt very bloated on the way back . I remember when I went to Mexico my tour guide said he went to Montreal once and had poutine there and it was good but he felt like his heart was gonna stop afterwards . Yup, highly possible

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