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Authentic Japanese food : Le Cafe Michi, Japango, Izakaya Ju

Le Cafe Michi

Sashimi Dinner at Le Cafe Michi
This is THE place for authentic Japanese food in Scarborough . I had the sashimi dinner which also comes with salad and dessert. Yummm.
My old post on Le Cafe Michi


Tako and hotate sashimi
LOVED the hotate (scallop) 

Japango roll
I have no idea what they put in this. It's a bit spicy but really good
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Izakaya Ju

Ja-Ja Men
Minced pork and egg on udon, was very filling

Stuffed chiken wings
A new item on their menu, was good

Salmon and Ikura gohan
Salmon on rice, was alright. I'm not a huge fan of Izakaya Ju since while some dishes are very unique and well-done, a few others can be really disappointing. It's advisable to read reviews before you go.
My old post on Izakaya Ju

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