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Holiday Shopping at Eaton Centre & Fast Food
Merry Christmas !!  
I have not been very productive lately. I've been stuck in a phase of lassitude and excessive money- spending . Ever since I got my pharmacist license, it's as if I lost my goals and motivations in life and everyday when I'm off from work I allow myself to waste all my time and not engage in anything productive. Next year I hope to find some goals and get moving more.

I've been hanging out at the mall a lot and so here are some graphical evidence to remind myself to better control my shopping impulse.

Disney Store at Eaton's
They are going to close down for good on Dec 26. I was last there on the 24th and the store was almost cleaned out.

Salad King's green curry

Salad King's golden curry
I had no idea Salad King serves Thai food instead of salad . The curry was very good. Plus, they are within walking distance from Eaton's. I now believe in the hype 
Salad King website :

The Xmas tree at Eaton's being assembled

Ta-da! The finished product.

The Grandma Burger at A&W. Doesn't look particularly appetising in this picture but it's delicious! My favourite burger

Xmas gifts I got for my co-workers. Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams for the ladies and a tie for the guy. Hope they like it.

Glasses for Johnathan which he did not like. Stop being so fussy

Gathering with girls from high school at Crazy Wings at Yonge/ Finch. Every year our gathering becomes smaller . Yunjie and Jasmine have left us for Japan.

Wings and Yukon chips!! I thought it was pretty good, but Maggie didn't like it at all. Maybe I'm just not picky.
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