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T&T food court , NEW YEAR'S!!
Happy new year   
Hope everyone had a nice new year's! I had a rather relaxing one. I got plenty of time off from work and had some very hearty, delicious food (although on new year's day I had fallen ill possibly due to some kind of flu virus...but all better now). I have lots of pictures to be posted later on  

I wonder how many people actually end up keeping their new year's resolution, but I guess it's always good to have goals whether it's new year's or not. I'm extremely embarrassed by the fact that at this age I still don't know how to drive or swim (last time I tried to learn how to swim the chemical-ridden pool water caused my hair to fall out excessively so I never went again ). Serious effort is required in learning these skills this year so that I may catch up to the majority of the population, even if it means I will have to wear some kind of hair-protecting cap thingy. Also, as a pharmacist, I get asked a lot of random health / drug-related questions at work. I think it's super important to be up-to-date on medical and drug knowledge in order to provide the patients with accurate, reliable answers. Since I haven't been updating myself at all after I graduated in June, it would be nice if I can make time to read about these things regularly.

Never the less, whether these resolutions are kept or not, I think the most important thing is to be able to make goals and take action to achieve them, to strive towards something better (aka 向上心 in Japanese but geez why do I sound so corny and uncool lol). I have been very laid-back and worry-free recently, so I hope that in 2012 I can muster the motivation to work a bit harder

T&T food court yaaaay !!!
I love the congee and especially the dough stick!! It's very greasy so not to be eaten regularly but it's sooo crunchy and tasty   

Takoyaki / octopus balls at T&T food court. This is like Joyce's favourite thing ever but I don't really like the ginger in it.
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