from Toronto, Canada

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Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show, Korean Food, Bailey & Tico
Hi hi  
I stopped by Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show last weekend. Vendors gathered here to promote exotic getaway destinations and eye-opening foreign cultures. I collected 2 bags full of awesome travel guides and pretty brochures  Wouldn't it be awesome if one day I can visit all those places?

Almost half of the booths were sunny beach escapes like Dominican Republic, Aruba etc,  which became slightly repetitive after a while.  

Japan booth  

pink patio chairs
How out of place do I look in my winter getup?  And OMG I hate my hair I look like a witch .

Me making a TV appearance
I got asked randomly to pretend talking to the lady about some kind of Taiwanese tea, and I bet I sucked cause the camera made me quite awkward
Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show website :

Korean Town dinner  pork bone soup

Some kind of beef and tofu soup which was delicious
Thumbs Up Korean Restaurant:

Introducing 2 new friends : his name is Bailey

How cute

This is Tico  
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