from Toronto, Canada

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Canoe Winterlicious

Sigh. I really don't intend to dedicate this blog exclusively for food pictures. But other than dining, there really isn't much else to do in Toronto this time around, where the daily high is about -5°C . One day I'm hoping to consider moving to somewhere more temperate, as long as I can find a decent job there. Anywhere in need of Canadian-trained Pharmacists?

I went to Canoe last week for a Winterlicious lunch 


Clover Roads Duck Rillette
was good

Braised Alberta Lamb Pappardelle

Slow Cooked Heritage Salmon
was really good    my favourite course

Birch Syrup Cake
I didn't like this at all... the white foam had no taste and I wasn't fond of the cake either  Overall the lunch was alright.

view from my seat

I cut my hair tehehe. Haven't had it this short in a long time. I miss my long hair already

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