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petty thieves & new camera & Pizza Hut

FML I had a horrible Family Day. My wallet and keys were stolen from my purse while I was on the subway . Since then, I have been fully occupied trying to minimize the financial loss and risk of identity theft. I had to cancel my credit cards and debit card, change the locks on my door, replace my driver's license and health card, and report the theft to the police. I foolishly kept my citizenship card and SIN card in my wallet, which will take many painful months to replace. In my wallet was also my most recent pay cheque, and I had to ask my boss to go through the trouble of cancelling it immediately. Along with my home keys I also lost the keys to the pharmacy I work at. Since whoever stole my wallet can identify where it is from my pay cheque, my boss decided to change the pharmacy locks to prevent theft. Changing the locks cost him $525 which I feel terrible about. I also have to call TransUnion and Equifax to prevent anyone from applying for credit cards using my SIN card (but as a result I would end up having trouble applying for new credit cards myself). For all this trouble on my part, the thief gained a whopping $50 in cash and a used up Coach wallet. What kind of low-life scum bag would steal from defenceless girls on the subway anyway Some people take the subway cause they can't afford a car and you steal from such people  I hope one day this pond scum of a person will spend time in prison and learn some basic social responsibility. Ahhh 

Based on my infuriating experience, I just want to warn everyone that Toronto is not as safe as one may believe it is to be. It is a good idea to always keep a watchful eye on your belongings. And it is unnecessary to carry your SIN card and citizenship card with you. Lastly I hope the bank is going to mail me a new credit card soon because life has become noticeably difficult without it.

On a brighter note, if anyone has noticed that the pictures in my most recent blog entries are slightly improved (I hope) , it's because I got a new camera!!

Sony Nex-5N Yay

Food pictures I took in Pizza Hut :

Pizza Hut caesar salad

Pizza with stuffed crust  Mmmm

I have been using the Canon S90 for about 2 years. It is a portable, versatile, and user-friendly camera, but I was not fully satisfied with the image quality and speed. Thus, I decided to jump on the mirrorless-camera bandwagon and get a Sony Nex-5N. However, although I am an avid photo-taker, I'm very much a newb with minimal photography skills and knowledge. I have only been able to use the auto mode so far I love the camera, but I find the white balance quite horrific in auto mode. The pictures look extremely yellow under incandescent light and I always have to fix it using Adobe Light Room. I think I've yet to figure out the proper usage of my camera . I'm glad I didn't get a DSLR which I assume would've been an even greater challenge for a newb like me .

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, according to Urban Dictionary, the term "newb" differs from "noob" in the sense that a "newb" is a beginner who wishes to become better, whereas a "noob" is the aggravating counterpart that lacks the will to learn...

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