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Orlando Day 1 : Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Part I

I just came back from Disney World I took a week off from work to visit Orlando, Florida and had a truly magical time. I went to the 4 Disney theme parks ( Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios) as well as Sea World and Discovery Cove. It was my first time visiting Orlando and I had the time of my life !! Disney is definitely not only for kids. Apart from the excessive walking and lining up, I enjoyed every minute of my visit.

I stayed for 6 days and my itinerary goes something like this :
Day 1 Magic Kingdom
Day 2 Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney
Day 3 Discovery Cove, Magic Kingdom
Day 4 Hollywood Studios
Day 5 Epcot
Day 6 Sea World, Orlando Premium Outlet

If anyone's thinking of visiting it's good to keep your plan as flexible as possible, since on some days certain parks are busy and you need some extra time to do the rides and catch the shows you're interested in (or even another half a day to go back). In general, plan to spend 1 day per park. I didn't go with a tour group, but some Chinese bus tours do offer great deals. But they may take you to 2 parks per day, which I strongly recommend against. Finally, in order to reduce wait times for popular rides, make good use of your Fast Passes!!! They are free and I wish I had used them more.

I'll start with some pictures from Magic Kingdom which I visited on Day 1. Magic Kingdom is not the largest park by area but I would say it required the most time in order to do everything I wanted compared to the other parks. I also find that the wait times are longer compared to the other parks.

Be hold my Disney T-shirt and Minnie ears
I was extremely tired when I arrived because my flight was at 6am and I had to wake up at 3 am to be at the airport early, running on minimal sleep . Also my hair looks really messy as I probably didn't brush it since the night before...

The parade started right in front of my eyes when I first entered the park. It was when I first felt the amazing Disney atmosphere.

This is either Chip or Dale...

Donald Duck
He totally looks better in real life than animated

from The Incredibles


I lost my Minnie ears after the 1st day

It's a small world

It's a small world

Alice in Wonderland topiary

Gift shop ceiling near Mickey's Philharmagic

Winnie the Pooh ride, very cute but slightly boring

Tons more pictures coming up

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