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Orlando Day 3 : Discovery Cove Part I

Sigh I hate myself for not posting these pictures faster!! I always end up taking excessive pictures while on vacation and not want to post them afterwards.

Anyways, I had the time of my life on day 3 of my vacation  . I initially thought I was going to Seaworld, but as a surprise, I ended up spending the day at Discovery Cove  I had a fantastic experience at this beautiful resort interacting with exotic birds, fish, and dolphins .

This place is reminiscent of the Mexican resort I visited in 2010. Unlike the Disney theme parks, the atmosphere was much more relaxing and adult-oriented.

Yummy breakfast and lunch was included in the package

Me enjoying my breakfast in my wetsuit hehe 

After breakfast I went to the Explorer's Aviary for some bird-feeding.

I'm in full swimming gear because initially I thought you could only get to the aviary by swimming. How cool is my yellow life jacket ?? haha. This was taken with the waterproof camera that we brought along. Later on we found a walking route and went again with my Sony camera. The birds here are not shy at all and they will perch on your hand in order to get fed.

He wants some food...

small dear, it was her first day at Discovery Cove and she was very shy

This one loves to land on top of people

Dolphin and snorkeling pictures from Discovery Cove are coming up next 

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