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Orlando Day 3 : Discovery Cove part II
In addition to the free-flight aviary, the Discovery Cove package also includes swimming along a scenic river, snorkeling, and a 30-minute dolphin swim experience.

Me attempting to swim and failing

Don't know what these fish are called, but hundreds of them always swim together in a tight pack.

I like to sneak between them and disturb their orientation

But they always manage to reorganize themselves very quickly . This is probably some kind of innate taxis behaviour endowed by nature 

huge stingray
Lots of stingrays there, I even stepped on one by accident


This is what the dolphin interaction entails : a small group of guests go in to shallow water and meet a dolphin. The dolphins are very friendly and well- trained. They will wave, jump, squeak, and allow you to give them a back rub etc. Unfortunately photography is not allowed, but staff will be there to take photos and videos which will become available for purchase at the end of the interaction (I spent an extra $150 just for the photos ).

So cuteeee

Yay I kissed a dolphin

swimming with the dolphin (well... it's more like me grabbing on to her dorsal fin and getting towed by her)

Overall I had a fantastic time at Discovery Cove. I find the price tag a bit steep for the one-day package, but I think many would agree that the experience was worth the splurge.
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