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Orlando Day 5 : Walt Disney World Epcot Part II

Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot
In addition to the Flower & Garden Festival, I loved the highly innovative rides at Epcot. My absolute favourite was Soarin, a simulated gliding flight over the most magnificent landscapes in State of California. It really feels like flying and it is a ride that people of all ages are able to fully enjoy .

beautiful garden

Bambi's Butterfly House
part of Flower & Garden Festival

Bambi's Butterfly House

Cuttlefish at The Sea Base and Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot


Duffy the Disney Bear He's the cutest, awesomest Disney character ever!!
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Cute Easter stuff at Japan Pavillion Mitsukoshi department store . They have tons of adorable goods imported from Japan, such as Hello Kitty goods, Totoro plush, kokeshi dolls, manga poster cards, floral wallets / make-up pouches, kimonos etc. I spent at least an hour in there wishing I could buy them all. There is also an authentic Japanese restaurant at the Pavillion called Teppan Edo which has pretty rave reviews. Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Sexy Hawaiian Hello Kitty & Florida license plate Hello Kitty which I could not resist but to take home with me . I also got a cute Hello Kitty key cap  ( I almost want to start a personal Hello Kitty collection now). If you live in a Disney resort, they will deliver your purchase to your hotel so you won't have to carry it with you all day. Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Kaki Gori at Japan Pavillion

Marie from the Aristocats


Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot
Lastly we had dinner at Les Chefs de France, an elegant, highly rated restaurant in France Pavillion. The food was great, the service was excellent, and the decor was lovely. I accidentally knocked down a full glass of milk which spread all over my table and even to the table next to us, but everyone was very helpful and non-condemning which made it slightly less embarrassing . And thank goodness it did not spill on our cameras.

onion soup
was ok

lobster bisque

This was delicious. I am probably highly uneducated in Frech cuisine but this pasta tasted a lot like the Chinese noodle that I often eat at home...


Bon Appétit from Chef Remy
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

Strawberry dessert
The colour in this picture looks a bit weird for some reason... but this was excellent. The strawberry cake wash rich and creamy and the sorbet was very refreshing.

Creme brulee
I don't order creme brulee much because I find the taste is very "preditable". But this was delicious! The portion was big for dessert but we still wished it was bigger .

Spaceship Earth Pavilion
Orlando Walt Disney World Epcot

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