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Orlando Day 6 : Seaworld

On the very last day of my Orlando vacation, we decided to visit Seaworld . But before we could head off to Seaworld, I had to make a trip to Disney's lost & found near Magic Kingdom. I had lost my phone at Hollywood Studios which was very devastating because my wallet just got stolen recently and I definitely did not want to spend another few hundred dollars replacing the phone. But luckily someone picked it up and returned it to the lost and found for me. I think in Toronto, if I ever lose my phone it would most likely never be seen again, so although my bejeweled phone case is slightly chipped, I'm very thankful to be able to retrieve it.

Starting the day right with a healthy omelet breakfast at my resort.

If anyone's ever been to a chicken farm and can recall their distinct smell, flamingoes give off the exact same odour .


They are supposed to be highly abundant in Florida and there's pretty much at least one residing in every pond.

This is a sea lion show called Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island
(unfortunately it was not very well-rehearsed and there was a lot of glitches and overall not very enjoyable )

Dolphin Cove

You can view them from above water or underwater. You can also feed the dolphins during designated feeding times for a very reasonable fee but the line-up was very long.

Seahorse at Manta Aquarium

Very plant-like but also a seahorse !!

cute little shrimp


I swear in every aquarium I've visited there's a completely immobile shark idling at the bottom of a tank just like this one

One of my favourite pictures of the trip

Sea lion chillaxing at Pacific Point Reserve

Awwww so sweet

Shamu brownie sundae

One Ocean show
Seeing Shamu was the highlight of the day. The stadium was large but the seats filled up very fast non the less so do arrive early. 

Overall Seaworld was not overcrowded and I especially loved the adorable dolphins and killer whales. However, a few exhibits were closed, the shows were a bit cheesy. I think I preferred the Disney parks a bit more. After Seaworld, we went to Orlando Premium Outlets for some shopping. I got a new wallet ( to replace my old one which was stolen ) and a pair of shoes for work.

And that concludes all my blog posts on my Orlando vacation. I had the time of my life and looking at the pictures, I can't help but to wish I can go back. Lastly, if anyone is interested in visiting Orlando, I recommend a book called "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". A new edition is published every year and I was able to obtain a lot of useful tips from it .

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