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Washington D.C. Day 1

Alright I have a confession to make... Soon after I came back from Orlando, I embarked on another journey to Washington D.C . I had four days off from work for Easter (purely coincidental and a very pleasant surprise when I looked at my April schedule ) and I could not pass up the perfect opportunity to visit a new place. I initially wanted to go somewhere close such as Niagara falls and Buffalo but somehow somewhere along the planning process the trip developed into a four-day road trip to Washington D.C... We spent the first and last days driving on the road, so about 2 full days were actually spent in Washington D.C. Although we weren't able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the weather in Washington D.C. was beautiful and most attractions were free of charge!

During day 1 in Washington, we visited

-Lincoln Memorial (Reflecting Pool was under construction )
-Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
-Jefferson Memorial
-Washington Monument
-White House
-National Archives (Photography not permitted inside)

Yummy breakfast delivered to my room

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

Nice park near Roosevelt Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument

White House
Why does it look blue in this picture ??

The National Archives
This building houses the original documents of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence from the 1700's. The parchments seemed very fragile and the ink was faint, but it was very humbling just to be able to see these documents that changed history forever. So much passion had gone into them in defence of liberty of Americans. I think every visitor walked out of the National Archives with new appreciation and knowledge of American history and human rights. Photography was not allowed inside, but a visit is highly recommended


We had dinner here
I still can't figure out the name of this place. "Fresh Noodle Made on the Spot"
doesn't sound like a restaurant name to me...

Fresh noodles with beef tenders and hot & sour soup (which was way too spicy for my taste)

Fresh noodles with BBQ pork, was delicious and very filling

Lastly, dessert at Haagen-Dazs

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