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Happy new year!
This is not cool. I'm referring to YOU, evil influenza viruses. Last year on New Year's Day I had fallen ill with possibly the flu, and this year I became sick again right before New Year's. Next year I am getting the flu shot! On a brighter note, pharmacists in Ontario are now able to give flu shots, so possibly I'll be immunizing myself?

Anyhow. Happy new year ! How disappointing the world didn't end in 2012! I'm not one to fantasize about apocalyptic events but wouldn't it be cool if humanity had ended and millions of years later the new inhabitants of earth discover our fossilized remains and theorize plausible explanations of our extinction like we do to dinosaurs? But I guess life goes on.

I had an awesome Christmas with a lot of shopping and I quietly stayed home for new year's. Johnathan got me a Kobo Glow (which I love) and my folks got me a Tim Hortons gift card for Christmas lol. I don't really want to start documenting my new year's resolution, since my resolutions last year have been completely disregarded . In the recent future, I DO want my own space rather than living with my folks, and I want a cat, a bunny, and an aquarium with lot of fish. Those things require money so I guess my resolution should be to somehow make or save more money? I also want to read more, but knowing how much I dislike plowing through heavy reads I'm not sure if I'll stick to this one.

Gifts for my co-workers
Such nice gift-wrapping Neiman Marcus did!

Gift for Johnathan
Me want him to dress cuter
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