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LA & Vegas trip Day 1 : Los Angeles, The Getty Center

I am back from my awesome trip to LA and Vegas  ! I had a very relaxing, fun-filled 8-day vacation  . On day 1 after landing and renting a car, we made a visit to The Getty Center. I first learned about The Getty from a book called "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" and I wanted to make a visit ever since. It's a beautiful museum that houses pre-20th-century art, and it's also known for offering an amazing view of the city of Los Angeles.

Cacti from the garden at The Getty

I really like those cacti

View of city of LA
Seems like the museum is situated on top of a hill.

Woman in Blue Reading a Letter by Johannes Vermeer
This painting will be displayed at the Getty until March 31.

Irises by Vincent van Gogh

Sunrise by Claude Monet

Cute fawn grazing on a hill near The Getty

I must mention that the traffic was terrible that day. It was a Sunday afternoon when we went and the traffic on the highway was nearly stationary . LA traffic is definitely way worse than Toronto.

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