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LA & Vegas trip Day 5: Grand Canyon
We drove from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon on day 5. I absolutely loved the 4-hour drive there. We saw amazing scenery along the way and ran into a very cool gas station. 

Uranus Gas 
We simply were low on gas and wanted to fill up but this alien-themed gas station became a very memorable spot of the trip. 

These cars reminded me of Mater from Cars

Grand Canyon! 
There are North and South Rims with many designated view points along each rim. We drove along the South Rim and stopped at each point which took us about 4 hours from early afternoon until sunset. Sunset at the Grand Canyon gave everything an amazing orange glow and it took our breaths away; however it gets dark and cold very quickly once the sun goes down. There is no light on the road and especially if you are hiking definitely keep that in mind and get to a shelter before it becomes pitch dark. 


Hopi point 

Excuse my paleness 
One thing I frequently do when traveling to save time is eating and doing my make-up in the car while heading to the next destination. Except this day I failed to take my make-up bag with me... All of my pictures were pale-looking and make-up free lol. 
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