from Toronto, Canada

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LA & Vegas trip Day 7: Hollywood Hills, LA Science Center, Little Tokyo
3000 Canyon Lake Drive, Hollywood
A bit of a tough drive up a narrow, winding hill, but this is one of the best spots to take pictures with the Hollywood sign 


We then went to the California Science Center to see Space Shuttle Endeavor, a retired NASA orbiter space shuttle. We learned lots about life as an astronaut in space, including the inconvenience of having to aim inside a tube when going to the bathroom...

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Anemone at California Science Center 

Next we went to Little Tokyo for authentic Japanese food and shopping. We also look took cute purikura/ sticker pictures.

Unagi Don


Limited edition tea at the grocery store. I saw lots of great, unique Japanese snacks. Wish I could buy them all. 

Lovely baby store at Little Tokyo 

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