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Forbidden City (故宫)
I went to Beijing for a few days  . The Forbidden City was one of the first places in Beijing that I visited.

The Forbidden City is an ancient palace located in the middle of Beijing. It served as the residence of Chinese emperors and the place of political meetings from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. Since it was built, the Forbidden City survived uprises and evolutions within China, as well as international invasions, and remains very well-preserved to this day. Many things in the palace are kept unaltered from hundreds of years ago.

The emperor's throne~~

The garden.

It was raining   . It actually rained a lot during the few days I was in Beijing.... Thank goodness for those flip-flops.

From the pictures above you wouldn't notice how densely packed with tourists the place was. It's only because I was desperately trying to take my pictures at angles without people.
A more realistic picture would be
There were crowds of people everywhereeee!! I think I saw more umbrellas in one day than the last twenty years of my life. Appearantly this is very typical of attractions in Beijing.

Overall my visit to the Forbidden City was very interesting. I went in knowing nothing about it and not expecting to be very intrigued, but in fact it was full of facinating stories from hundreds of years ago that came to life in the palace. I think would revisit it if I'm ever in Beijing again.
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