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Wang Fu Jing Street (王府井)
Here I was at the famous Wangfujing Street in Beijing. The street becomes fully illuminated and very crowded at night, though it was already full of tourists when I went during the day. The shopping street of Wang Fu Jing has two large malls and many stores selling mostly apparel (a lot of which are designer ), food, and gifts. However, be cautious shopping here! From what I learned from the locals, some of the stores have a reputation of asking unreasonably high prices hoping to rip-off tourists. Snack street is a side street of Wangfujing, selling small gifts and accesories, and of course many varieties of unique, traditional snacks at low prices. It's great for buying souvenirs and trying some exotic street food that Beijing has to offer.

Entrance to snack street at Wangfujing. If anyone is wondering why I'm covering people's faces with a stupid pink flower, it's because since they never agreed to appear in my blog, I'm not entitled to show their faces. There's a law somewhere out there and I abide by it to be on the safe side...

There are countless stands like this one on the snack street, all inexpensive. Great for buying souvenirs.

masks, pretty cool huh?


plates, mugs, writing brushes

write-on-rice accesories, so cute!! 

deep-fried starfish, cicada, scorpion, and bugs I can't name served-up on sticks!!

seahorse, scorpion.
That's right, you can eat seahorse!!! (If you want...)

sugar-coated fruits on a stick
They're sweet and sour and really really good

Um, I don't know why I focused on foods on a stick. There were many other snacks like BBQ meat, noodles, steamed buns, all inexpensive. As a result, I left Wangfujing with a happy stomach.
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