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Harbour Front Cruise

Sigh my pictures are so severely backlogged. These are from the summer... I went on a cruise on Harbour Front Lake Ontario  

Ontario Place

Ahhh I accidentally clicked the wrong button and deleted this whole entry  . Had to re-upload everything. These are from Canada Day, most pictures taken by somebody else who owns a nicer camera than me

cutest dog ever


that jacket was way shinier in real life

Canaday Day fireworks


Grad Formal at Atlantis Pavillion

Grad formal was fun, though I expectedly got an alcohol rash and there were some unwanted drama. It was a night with a few ups and downs. However it ended on a good note and I am glad to have met such amazing friends in Pharmacy

Cloudy day

pictures on the cupcakes are edible =D


I attended my university convocation!! I was somewhat nervous the day before, thinking that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, everything must go perfectly and God forbid I trip on stage etc. However the actual day felt quite relaxed and it went by very quickly. Somebody did trip on stage, but wasn't me

The day started with a reception at Fairmont Royal York

After the reception we got dressed in our regalia and were off to Convocation Hall

Deans of the faculty of Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Physical Education

got my degree!

we always fail at jumping pictures but we'll not give up

my grad photo from a while ago ... loving the "polar bear skin" on my hood


I am back

For the past month I've devoted most of my time to studying for the PEBC (licensing exam for pharmacists), which I just completed yesterday. It was a tougher exam than I had imagined and I'm not feeling confident about it at all.... The process of becoming a pharmacist is an expensive, life-consuming, all-encompassing commitment. But I'm hoping that it may be worth it if you are, at least to some degree, passionate about the profession. 

And here are some pictures from High Park a couple of weeks ago. Was in no mood to take pictures that day... Maybe I will try and take a few more decent ones next year


new years

Hello & happy new year! (So late...) 
I had a pretty good new years eve: went to Pickle Barrel at Yonge / Eglinton for dinner with Alice and Christine, was gonna go to Alleycatz afterwards for some jazz music, but we decided that Alleycatz seemed a bit sketchy and instead headed downtown for the countdown and fireworks

"Roadside Sliders", i.e. mini hamburgers at Pickle Barrel
They taste like regular hamburgers, no better than McDonalds IMO... 
But they look cuter don't they?

Christine & Alice

"Decadent Cheesecake Sampler" at Pickle Barrel
It looks a bit messy because somebody tried to eat it before I could take a picture of it The one on the left was really good. Nobody wanted the chocolate / marshmallow one in the middle lol

Countdown & fireworks at Nathan Phillips Square
It was truly a stampede. People were pushing and shoving each other in random directions, at least a third of them smelled like pot, mud everywhere, shoes got dirty, had to give random people hugs because it was hard to reject them on NYE...True story. In conclusion, I'm not going again  

After the countdown, in order to avoid being trampled by the crowd, instead of taking the subway home rightaway we decided to go for a drink at Milestones. I had a Bellini. By the time I got home it was past 3:30AM. The next day I was suppoed to meet up with friends from middle school at Pmall and of course I slept in and was late... Sorry sorry

Overall I had a pretty chill winter holiday. For the first time in... I don't even remember how many years, I didn't have to study for exams or catch up with readings, and I am loving this newfound freedom. Some of my friends have decided to further their education in grad school, but I don't think I can muster enough motivation to attend lectures and study for exams again. Sigh. 

Helen's bday & what getting to the end feels like

I know, it's been long since I last updated. Whoever said 4th year Pharmacy is a breeze should be severely punished for euphemizing the truth. The amount of school work has been insane. On top of that, I have been looking for a job( did 4 interviews so far, 3 more to come as of now), and working part-time. Sigh. By this point I've realized that my dream of graduating with first class honours has been completely obliterated... I use to be one of those nerds who think that life is not complete unless you graduate with honours/ distinction, but I guess I have to accept my limits. At this point, pass = good enough 

At the same time, I find it hard to believe that I only have 2 weeks of school left. Having spent 3 and a half years at the faculty, I'm way too accustomed to the pharmacy building, the endless lectures/exams/labs, and above all, my classmates. It's gonna be hard to part with them for good (ok maybe not the exams and labs).

On a brighter note, Helen's birthday was lots of fun

I was in my interview get-up. SOMEBODY HIRE ME!!!

Creole chicken

Thai chicken, the mashed potato was good

birthday girl, also in her interview get-up



今日起きたら、庭に野ウサギがいた かわいい

There was a wild rabbit in my backyard this morning. So cute so cute!! It ran away when I tried to get closer, but I put a big carrot in my backyard. I'm hoping it'll come back to eat the carrot  And maybe I can domesticate it and make it my semi-pet  Muahaha. Rabbits do like carrots, right?

UPDATE: the rabbit never returned. so disappointed

Fall foliage.
I wish I have the time to go to a national park to see some real Canadian fall foliage. Unfortunately School is extremely busy, plus I've a few other things on my plate. Sigh. So far it's been survivable, if only I can get better sleep and eat healthier.

I can't believe it's October already. Only 2 months of school left, ever! Faito!

Marineland, Niagara Falls (PART II)
Here's the rest of the pictures from Marineland. I had to split them into 2 parts because the pictures take up too much room. They're mostly pictures of poor beluga whales in captivity...But I must admit they're mad cute!

Beluga whales

I just want to give them a hug

as they age their skin loses pigment and turns white

view from underwater


killer whale, which appearantly is not vicious at all despite their naming

gift shop

being stupid

And that pretty much concludes my summer. School starts in a couple of days and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. It should be my last year in university, and I hope managing 7 courses + a part-time job + job hunting won't be too painful. If I survive it all, what awaits me is a dreadful licensing exam, and (if I'm lucky enough) an exhausting full-time job. Yay. I guess I must be quite a hopelessly undiciplined human being because I dislike school and I dislike work and I wish I had the liberty to do whatever I want 24/7. However, I am thankful to be finishing school and becoming a member of the pharmacy profession. Deciding the one thing that you want to do amid countless existing career options is possibly one the toughest quests in one's life. Perhaps thus far I've been having a smoother journey than some, and for that I am grateful.

Now, a little more luck in ANOTHER ASPECT OF MY LIFE WOULD BE DEEPLY APPRECIATED. A friend of mine, though beautiful and smart, is having a somewhat rocky personal life and is (half-jokingly?) contemplating joining eHarmony. According to her, the renowned online dating site provides "decent matches". I think most girls would believe that meeting someone naturally / unexpectedly is far more romantic, but I guess considering the limited options in our closed-off social circles, online dating may prove to be be a valuable tool we ought to embrace with an open mind.

Ha I wrote a bunch of really random things...must be the Paganini in the background (classics put me in a weird confiding mode). I will be focusing on school and work this coming year, and I highly doubt my friend and I are really going to join eHarmony, but perhaps one day, it will become a realistic option? Who knows.

Marineland, Niagara Falls (PART I)
I've always, always wanted to go to Marineland at Niagara Falls. I'm sure a lot of people my age would think that Marineland is lame/ childish, but what can I say, I am the epitome of lame and childish when it comes to theme park ventures. Marineland's attractions include rides, animals/ sealife, and shows. I didn't go on any rides except the spinning cups because I'm terrified of rides (actually even the spinning cups were borederline scary to me ). But I absolutely loved the cute animals here, especially the deer and the beluga whales

Deer Park entrance


I bet you love this one Jasmine

me with a very friendly (or maybe sleepy?) fawn

a not so friendly one that ran away from me


more pictures to come!!
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