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Guu Izakaya, Nami
I apologize for my recent absence. My life nowadays is a routine of waking up at 6:30, arriving at Sunnybrook Hospital at 8:30, work work work, go home, eat, stare at the idiot box, sleep. Sigh. Is this what people do for 40 years until retirement? Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? (so emo lol)... Anyways, I'll just quickly post some pictures from Guu and Nami from a while ago.

Guu Izakaya

First time seeing Rosin since she came back from her exchange in China

Osaka Fries, basically fries with Japanese dressings

Kabocha Korokke
pumpkin outside, egg inside, was really good


Kimchi Udon

Forgot what this is called, some kind of fried squid and spicy sauce

Cheese cake, so good 
Guu's website:

Shabushabu (hot pot ) at Nami
The waitresses here wear very pretty kimono uniforms


Mango icecream and black sesame icecream
My lips were so black after eating the black sesame one
Nami's website:
Swish by Han, Tea Shop 168

I am done my community pharmacy rotation!! No more 12-hour shifts!! Yes!! I went to Swish By Han with the girls from school to celebrate. Yay Korean food  

Um... the pictures are not great. I blame on the dim lighting rather than my lack of skills.

Jap Chae: bean noodles and vegetables, the sesame dressing was delicious

Seafood Crepes, not exactly what I imagined when I ordered "crepes", but was pretty good 

Sweet Chili & Garlic Prawns
was very spicy, would not get it again
I think I had to drink 3 cups of water after...

Lobster Bi Bim Bbap

Table Top BBQ set, we got Alterta beef, was good

sides that came with the BBQ set
also came with rice and lettuce leaves to make wraps

soup, also came with the BBQ set

Swish By Han Blog:
I would say my favourites were the Jap Chae, Seafood Crepe, and Table Top BBQ. It's good to make a reservation before you go. I tried to get a table without a reservation once and was told that there won't be any space for the entire evening. Unfortunately the selection of desserts at Swish By Han was very limited: Bingsu (shaved ice) only. We were in the mood for something warmer and sweeter, so we decided to walk to Tea Shop 168 at Yonge / Gerrard.

my condensed milk toast

Alice's fruit waffle

Helen's red bean waffle

Kenzo, Izakaya Ju

Kenzo Ramen

Miso Ramen at Kenzo
This is the same place I went with Jasmine last May. The food here is pretty ordinary... but I find myself returning every now and then because it is located just a few minutes away from Eatons. I rather have ramen than eat at Eatons' foodcourt. Kenzo Ramen website:

Izakaya Ju

Ochazuke takowasa
slightly too salty but quite good otherwise

Gindara (miso black cod)
This may look like an ordinary piece of fish, but it was excellent!!

Gyu tan

These are traditional Japanese skewers. I used to have them a lot when I was in Japan, so it is quite comforting to find them in Toronto  They needed a bit more flavour / sauce in my opinion, but was not bad overall. I think I'd order them again, but that might be due to their sentimental value

The quality of the food at Izakaya Ju is highly variable from item to item, and the portions were a bit small. If you read some reviews in advance and have a good idea of what to order then I think you'll like the place.

Izakaya Ju website:
Reviews on Chowhound:

Guu Izakaya Again / Guu 居酒屋
Guu 居酒屋 トロント

Went to Guu Izakaya again to celebrate Alice and Joyce's birthdays. The patio was a bit chilly, but the food was amazing as usual. As a result I ate waaaay more than I should.... Here are pictures of some of the food

Sashimi salad, not bad, tastes smokey

Karubi, i.e. short ribs

Unagi Doria

Tontoro, i.e. pork cheek, was not bad

Kinoko Cheese Bibimbap, really good!! highly recommend it

Yaki Udon, also super good, but then I'm a fan of udon in general

Oden, a classic Japanese dish, doesn't look pretty but great in chilly weather

don't remember what this is called  

Kaki Furai, i.e. deep fried oysters, was OK

Banana Tempura, my friends loved this but I thought it was so-so... the coconut ice cream at the centre was good though

...after eating way too much  . Yay. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find my umbrella that I left there a few months ago. Sigh.

Can you tell I got a haircut?
I turned 22. I had a pleasant dinner with a few good friends at The Harbord Room. Although this place is very close to the University of Toronto campus, it seems to attract a more "mature" crowd. The food tasted pretty interesting and we had a great time girl-talking... the specific content of which shall not ever be revealed muahaha...

The Harbord Room Patio

Charcuterie Plate, was OK 

Lamb Sausage

Cooked to order doughnut, amazingly good  Highly highly recommend this!!

Panna Cotta 

me... holding a pair of white jeans I got from Joyce... interesting choice of gift

The Harbord Room website

Long story short, it somehow occurred to me that yesterday that I should BLOG LESS and LIVE MORE. The virtual escapes of blogs and forums are far distant from reality. In the real world, away from computer screens, people do not exist as texts and two-dimensional graphics, but creatures made of bones and flesh plus a trump card they like to refer to as “personality”. And I ought to be one of them.

Go For Tea, Le Cafe Michi
I haven't been doing much except for eating lately   I finally went to Go For Tea's second location in Scarborough a few blocks down the street from my house. I didn't expect the food to taste any good because I figured these bubble tea places prioritize hiring good-looking waitreses over real chefs capable of cooking. The waitresses here are indeed good-looking, and surprisingly the food was edible. I wouldn't mind if they were to hire some waiters though...

pina colada cheese cake
this was actually really good, I wanted to order a second piece

After watching Inception, I dropped by Le Cafe Michi for dinner. It is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in Scarborough, serving divinely fresh raw fish and amazing desserts. If you are a first time visitor, I strongly suggest you try either the chirashi or sashimi, which are the best I've had in Scarborough (don't even bother with the noodles or curry rice etc ).

a seaweed salad for appetizer, was not bad

Cafe Au Lait Chirashi
egg and unagi (eel) hidden underneath, delicious

custard pudding, yummm

Yunjie & I

the food was unremarkable, but the lights were so pretty

I went to Summerlicious at Tabule with the girls from high school. Conclusion: not going to Summerlicious again. My stomach is not made to eat a three-course-meal. However, it was good to catch up with old friends who I've known for years. Everybody seemed to have developed their own "boy problems." I wish there were simple advice we could give each other to solve them, but there just isn't. Men are trouble perhaps, and yet you want somebody. Such a delimma.

Then we went for a quick drink at Duke of Kent... Ha I look so lanky in this picture... I had "Indian Summer Lemonade", was very refreshing.

Tabule website

Duke of Kent website



お店の名前はOkonomi Houseです。

Okonomiyaki at Okonomi House
It tastes just like the ones I had in Japan, and very inexpensive. I don't know why sushi and ramen are so popular here while okonomiyaki is not. In my opinion there are way too many bad sushi restaurants in Toronto, and not enough places that make okonomiyaki.   

Luminato  - Wish Come True Festival, basically lots of cutesy, colourful balloons in Queen's Park.

so cute




Guu Izakaya トロントにある大人気な居酒屋です^^


ところで、コンニャクの英語はTaro Jellyらしい。
イモのジェリーだったの ?? 勉強になりました。。。

"salmon natto yukke"

Guu Izakaya

Good times. They don't take reservation so we had to lineup for an hour to get in, but it was all worth it. Great welcoming vibe and the food suuuper tasty. We got to sit around the counter and watch the chefs work, which was a kind of entertainment all on its own hehehe. Only if I didn't leave my umbrella there.

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