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Qingdao (青岛), a.k.a the blue island?

Qingdao was really beautiful , although something slightly unpleasant occured when we first got there...Long story short, occasionally I encounter petty people who try to take advantage of tourists. Anyone planning on travelling to China (or anywhere, in fact), be extra careful not to trust any stranger, including the seemingly harmless taxi drivers. That is the valuable lesson I had to learn today. Other than that I had an awesome time in Qingdao. The ocean side was very beautiful and relaxing, and the beach beats any beach in Toronto. It got me seriously considering living there one day.
Shandong Provincial Museum (山东省博物馆)

I went to the provincial museum of Shandong today. Admission was supposed to be free with ID. I told them that I don't own any Chinese ID and showed them my Ontario health card, and they allowed me in .
Fei-xian, China (中国费县)
This is where they sell odd-looking stones for decoration purposes. There were a lot of them in Fei-xian, which was on the way to where my grandma lived, so I stopped by and took some pictures    

They each cost several thousand Chinese yuan and up. Pretty cool huh?
いとこ (頑張って日本語で^^)

Trip to China :the flights

Alright I am in China !!!

How I got here:
Toronto -----(13 hours)---> Beijing ----(45 minutes)-----> Jinan

Toronto Pearson International Airport, really nice weather

Toronto Pearson International Airport. No this was not our plane

Toronto Pearson International Airport
Cute beaver doll

A friend and I on the plane in our nearly suffocating N95 masks. Oy my face is huge compared to hers

Beijing healthcare workers checking temperatures.

One of the greatest worries travelling at this time is the H1N1 influenza, aka swine flu   . Both catching the flu and being quarenteened for sitting near someone who might have caught the flu were possible concerns. I only have a month of vacation time in China so either would be a big downer. After the plane landed, we had to stay in our seats and have our body temperatures checked by Beijing healthcare workers, and anyone with temperature above 37°C is re-checked, and if the result is consistantly above 37°C, the person, and possibly passengers sitting in proximity to the person, will be in quarenteen for at least a week. Lucky for us, everyone on our plane passed the check. Phewww.

Beijing International Airport was very big and confusing to me... maybe it was because I was rushing a lot to catch the next plane to Jinan. I had no time to take any pictures. Maybe next time... I saw some really good-looking flight attendants though

On the plane from Beijing to Jinan. It was raining a little  

I was pretty tired by the time I got to Jinan since I didn't get much rest on the planes. In fact I'm exhausted right now so I'm gonna get some sleep. I'll update when anything interesting happens.

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